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Placing Bets in Baccarat
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Placing Bets in Baccarat

Bets can only be changed before a new hand is dealt. To place a Bet simply position the cursor on the up arrow above the amount desired and depress the left mouse button. This will add the indicated dollars to the amount being Bet and reduce your Balance accordingly. If the mouse button is held down, the amount will continue to increase until you reach the Bet Maximum set or run out of money. To reduce the Bet simply follow the same procedure using the down arrow.

There are three types of bets: Bank Bets, Player Bets and Push Bets. The first pays if the Bank Hand wins, the second if the Player's Hand does, the last if both hands push or tie. You may make a Push Bet by itsef or with either a Bank or Player Bet.

Betting focus is indicated by a thin red rectangle. To place a bet, click on the betting area to set the betting focus and then set the amount as described above. To switch bets from the Player to Bank (or back again) just click the mouse on the desired betting area.







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