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Craps: Don't Pass Odds

You can put an Odds bet on the Don't Pass bet after the point has been established. Simply click your mouse in the Don't Pass area to set the bet. Avoid clicking on the Don't Pass Bet as this will remove the basic bet.

For Single Full Odds, the maximum Odds Bet amount is such that the payoff is equal to the Don't Pass Bet. It can be greater than this, but only up to the next higher whole dollar amount that produces an even dollar payoff. The maximum Odds Bet for Double Full Odds, is based upon a payoff of twice the Don't Pass Bet amount, adjusted as above.

The payoff odds depend upon the point established:
1 to 2 on the 4 and 10
2 to 3 on the 5 and 9
5 to 6 on the 6 and 8







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