5 Card Stud


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5 Card Stud

Players' hands consist of five cards dealt to each player. The first two are dealt one face down and one face up. The third, fourth, fifth cards are dealt face up. A player wins by having the highest-ranking hand of five cards.

Each hand can start with eight players or less (if a player runs out of cash, or if you remove players before the deal).

5 Card Stud strategies

If you have nothing promising in your hand by the third card (first betting interval), you should fold.
Usually you should fold when your cards (including your hole card) are beaten by the showing cards of any other player. If another player shows a pair, do not stay in unless you hold a higher pair (or better hand).
It is not a good idea to bet heavily against a player whose hole card can give him or her a hand you can't possibly beat.

With eight players at the table, you will usually need a minimum of a Pair to win.







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