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Basic Poker Strategy

There are a few basic points of strategy that you can apply to all variants of poker. If you understand these basic ideas then you can significantly enhance your poker skills. 

A Skilled Player Will Beat An Unskilled Player 

This is the fundamental truth that must be understood to make money in poker. Whatever you may believe about luck, how good your poker face is, or how the moon cycles affect the cards dealt, poker is a game of skill. Knowing how skilled you are, and trying to pick opponents that are less skilled, is fundamental in achieving success in poker. 

Bet To Pot Odds 

The basic skill of poker is in estimating your odds of winning, and basing your bets on these odds according to the fundamental formula for "Pot Odds". 

Know When To Fold 

More important than knowing what to do with a good hand in poker, is knowing what to do with a bad hand. A big mistake many beginners make is to call on every hand they receive until they see what their final hand is. What this means is that on the losing hands you will lose much more than you would have if you'd folded after the initial deal, making it harder to break even on your winning hands. 

Know When To Bluff 

There are many different strategies for bluffing, one of which is detailed here . Although there are many good strategies, the important thing to know is that bluffing is not something that you should just do when you feel like tricking the other player. Calculate when best you feel that your bluff will work, and how you can further develop the myth through the plays you make. 

And Finally...The Golden Rule 

The one rule that applies to any game of chance is this : 

"Bet When The Odds Are In Your Favour And You Will Make Money Over The Long Term"
Know, there are two parts to that rule. The first part we have discussed. The second part however is the fact that many good players ignore or forget and can be the downfall of an otherwise very skilled poker player.







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