Seven Card Stud Strategy


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Seven Card Stud Strategy

A basic strategy of Seven Card Stud is that of analysing 'outs'. An out is a card that you need to complete a hand (eg you have AKQJ of hearts, you need a 10H) and that card is not showing anywhere (you have a chance of getting it). If you have four out of five cards of a Straight and there are no other cards showing that complete that Straight then the number of outs for that Straight is, lets say, 8. Then if there are 30 cards left in the deck, your odds of hitting an out (getting a Straight) is approximately 30%. As long as you have a feel for what hands will win most of the time (the average hand dealt in seven card is a pair or lower, the average winning hand is more likely 2 pair or three of a kind) then you can use this knowledge to give yourself an approximate chance of winning the hand. On top of this you can work out an approximate chance that your opponent will win based on the cards you see of his. 

Bluffing is also a major part of Seven Card Stud. If the cards showing in your hand look as though you have a good hand even when you have a poor hand, then you have a great oppurtunity to bluff and thus turn a losing hand into a good hand.







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