Texas Hold'Em Strategy


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Texas Hold'Em Strategy

Since the majority of your cards in Hold'Em are shared with your opponents, it is the strength of your opening hand that is the key strength in whether you will win. For example, if there are two Pairs on the table, and you have a card in hand that makes one of those pairs a triplet then you make a Full House and are in clear advantage to the table. 

Thus considering your opening hand and the likelihood of it making a strong advantage over the table should be foremost in your strategy when deciding to play or fold. Good starting hands for example are AA, KK, or AK of same suit. The worst hand would be something like 27 in different suits. 

After the flop, you should continually reassess your hand. For example, if you had AK hearts in hand and then 789 clubs is dealt on the table then alarm bells should start ringing. Basically at any time that you feel that your hand does not improve the table you should consider either folding or bluffing.







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