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Video Poker Winning Hands

Winning hands and payoff amounts vary from game to game. At the top of the screen, the payoffs and winning hands will be displayed for the video poker version you are playing.

ROYAL FLUSH - In all the games the best hand is a natural royal flsuh. This consists of a ten, jack, queen, king, and ace--all of the same suit. In JOKER's WILD there is also a winning hand called "Royal Flush (Joker)" which is a royal flush contining a Joker. This hand pays less than a natural royal flush. Likewise, in the DEUCES WILD game there is a winning hand called "Royal Flush (Deuces)" which is a royal flush which contains one of more 2s.

4 DEUCES - In the DEUCES WILD game, "4 Deuces" is the second best hand possible. It is any hand having all four 2s.

5 of a KIND - This winning hand is possible in the JOKER's WILD and DEUCES WILD games. 

STRAIGHT FLUSH - Your hand consists of five cards which are in unbroker order (a straight) as well as being all of the same suit (Clubs, Hearts, Diamonds, or Spades).

4 of a KIND - Four of the five cards are of the same card value (for example four 10s). In the wild card games, the four-of-a-kind may include wild cards.

FULL HOUSE - Three matching cards with the remaining two cards being a pair.

FLUSH - All five cards are of the same suit (Clubs, Hearts, Diamonds, or Spades).

STRAIGHT - Five cards in an unbroken order (for example a two, three, four, five, and six card).

3 of a KIND - Three of the cards match (for example three kings).

2 PAIR - Two different pairs of cards (for example two 5s and two queens). This is not a winning hand in the DEUCES WILD game.

JACK or BETTER - This is a winning hand only in the JACKS or BETTER game. This winning hand consists of a pair of jacks, a pair of queens, a pair of kings, or a pair of aces. In the JOKER's WILD game, King's or Better is a winning hand.







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