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Slot Machine Types
To select a machine to play, click on the one desired from the types displayed in the Machine Options menu. A check mark appears next to the currently displayed machine and its name appears in the title bar.

The four types of machines available are:
Classic - This is a single coin machine. The payoff is based on the center line. An interesting facet of this machine is that some symbols are a mix of two types and when they appear can be used as either.
Progressive - This machine is a 5 coin multiline payoff machine with a progressive jackpot. The jackpot increases until it is won. It can only be won if 5 coins are played and the 5th line comes up all 7s.
Bonus - This is a 3 coin center line payoff machine. The payoff is a multiple of the number of coins in play. A bonus is awarded for three 7s when 3 coins are played. Of additional interest is that the payoff combinations are read both left to right and right to left.







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